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  • What the?

    Have you ever been accused of being a cranky old bastard?


    Ever been told to chill out, and arked up, even though you knew they had a point?


    The occasional burst of road rage perhaps?


    If you're a bloke over 40 and you've ticked a lot of the boxes, but you're starting to wonder where the fun went, or why the world isn't going the way you want it to, you may be suffering from Cranky Bastard Syndrome*.


    Don't worry though. It's actually quite common (as you can tell from a trip to the pub or from your mates' wives conversations) and it can be cured!


    Join Us!

    Cranky Old Bastards is a community of men determined to take responsibiity for their own happiness, satisfaction and well being. Through education and practical activities, and in the best of company, we will not only get closer to that light at the end of the tunnell, we'll bust through it!

    So, if you feel that life should be more enjoyable than it currently is, and you want to make the very most of it from now on, please conact us to find out more about what we do and how it works.


  • The Choice

    Of course, you could keep on going the way things are. But why not make a decision to reconnect with that enthusiasm and love of life you had when you were younger?

    It's still available, but may not be easy to find.

    Not without help anyway.

    Free Wise Men

    Getting older doesn't always mean getting wiser.

    But we all have the ability to tap into our inner wisdom and, in doing so, become free again. Free of the burdens we've accepted as we've strived to support those around us.

    Take this opportunity to experience the lightness and optimism again.

    Our mission is to eliminate Cranky Bastard Syndrome, encourage real wisdom, and help successful men find the satisfaction that money SHOULD buy. 

  • Meet Matt

    Matt Lumsdaine - Founder and principal old bastard

    I help people improve their wellbeing by teaching them to manage their most precious resource: their power of attention.


    Having practiced meditation for 25 years alongside a promising career as a CoB in waiting, I've experienced the challenges of managing expectations and attachments and learning to master my own power of attention.


    I've also had the privilege of teaching others practical ways of doing so themselves, and have studied and taught the practical application of philosophy in the modern world, while running my own professional practice for the last 7 years. 


    I currently manage the Foundation Level in the School of Practical Philosophy in Sydney.


    The Story


    For many years it was my dark secret!


    Alongside my successful but sometimes unfulfilling business career I actively studied and taught philosophy.


    In the early days I didn't share this with many of my colleagues, let alone my managers. I thought they wouldn't understand. That somehow the fact that I practised meditation and mindfulness and dedicated my life to the pursuit of wisdom would make me appear soft - not cut out for the world of commerce and tough competition.


    However, I was never an “armchair philosopher”. My interest was practical wisdom. Knowledge that would make us more effective in our workplaces, our homes, and in all of the relationships we experience in our hyper-busy world. This knowledge helped greatly in each of my roles.


    When I was in my mid-twenties, a plane crash in the Andes Mountains almost ended my life. Perhaps surprisingly, that woke me up to the joy of living with real enthusiasm, full attention and an open mind. 


    I'm also familiar with the contrasting state, where motivation is weak, attention is scattered, opinions are fixed and progress is slow, and I know which is better!


    That accident, and my recovery from the resulting injuries, confirmed that life is meant to be lived wholeheartedly. Not just plodding along, half engaged as so many do. Through ongoing study and practice I've distilled some practical guidelines for doing just that:


    The formula for a productive and successful life is full participation supported by honest, intelligent self-awareness.


    The faculty we use for both participation and self-awareness is our attention. If we use it well, we will lead fulfilling lives.


    However, our attention is under threat. Our environment is becoming more and more complex. It's busier and more distracting than ever before. Constantly (over)stimulated we rush from one thing to the next and end up feeling depleted rather than fulfilled. We seem to be living busy lives when what we really want are full ones.


    In this age of distraction we're losing control of our attention.


    Regaining it requires the practical application of tried and true knowledge in every aspect our day to day lives. Practicing easy to follow steps that will bring greater wisdom, resilience, confidence and peace.


    The Cranky Old Bastards workshops and mentoring programs are designed and proven to do just that.

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